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Song of Spheres

Sometimes the world isn't ready for the truth...

After a mysterious summons, ex-Air Force pilot Will Leonhardt travels to an obscure observatory in Hawaii. A shadowy group of rogue scientists have chosen him to pilot a flight more dangerous than any he’s flown before. And this one has the potential to change humanity’s understanding of itself and the planet forever.

Is the Terra Program, as it’s called, onto a secret of cosmic significance? Or are they merely deluded?

Will’s a sceptic. He accepts the mission to pilot a craft to the moon just so he can escape his own past and future. Yet during the months of intense training, he gets to know the program’s personnel: the chess-playing Dr. Whitfield, the erratic billionaire, Anthony Forrest, the beautiful young botanist, Sage Galloway.

And he experiences what he’s never known before: friendship…and even love.

But something’s rotten at the core of the program. A hidden enemy lurks, threatening the mission and the lives of everyone involved. The rocket launches—just a few miles up, everything goes wrong.

Can Will utilize all his training and stoic courage to save the lives of the people he has come to care for and uncover the secret at the heart of the Terra Program...and at the heart of the universe itself?

Grab your copy of this literary thriller to find out!

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The Underlings

Deep under the city of Chrysoberyl lies a mine.

Sealed off. Run by slaves. Ruled by warring gangs. A dark, chaotic realm, where “accidents” are frequent.

But one miner hasn’t given up hope of seeing the sun again.

And when a mysterious woman appears, claiming to have a rare knowledge of the tunnels, his chance has come---if he’ll take a leap in the dark…

Grab your FREE copy of this short story, which is a prequel to Hologram.

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Hologram 1600 x 2560_v5.jpg

The Voturans who captured 18-year-old Aaron’s family can make anything they want with the click of a button. But the things they make aren’t real. They are convincing mirages, mere holograms.


And Aaron is the only person in the world who can tell the difference between a hologram and the real thing.


This talent makes Aaron valuable to the Voturans, especially the ambitious General Druxa. Druxa enlists Aaron as an officer, submerging him in the luxurious world of the Voturan upper classes, and demands that he help Druxa see through the holographic deceptions of Votura’s enemies.


Aaron lives a double life, consoled only by his growing friendship with Druxa’s daughter, Antonia, and the slaves assigned to him. To stay alive, he conceals his anger and desire for vengeance, feigning loyalty to Votura and aiding them in their endless wars—even against his own people of Taurus.


His success brings him ever greater power and influence among the Voturans, while in secret he searches for his lost family so he can rescue them from a fate worse than death. But power corrupts, and if Aaron can’t control his flaming anger and phantasmic desire for revenge, the people he loves most will pay the price.


Beautiful and deadly illusions flicker through the skies, insurgents plot under a fiery moon, and the drums of the Temple are beating for the Offering. Will Aaron save his loved ones and himself…and will it cost him his own humanity?

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